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Amal is an early cancer diagnosis tool which uses Artificial Intelligence for its cancer detection. Using Amal the cost of diagnosis can be reduced by a factor of 3 and the turnaround time can be reduced from 15 days to less than a day.

Cancer prevalence is high in Pakistan due to difficulties in early diagnosis. This is because of lack of cancer registries, limited trained clinicians and hospitals, and inaccessibility to state-of-the-art diagnostic/genetic tests. Moreover, the socio-economic structure of Pakistani society adds to the delay in diagnosis. “Amal”, which is an AI-driven indigenous solution for cancer diagnosis and management, will tackle these issues by leveraging digital pathology. Using relatively low-cost scanning hardware, tissue slides will be digitized and novel AI methods will be deployed for improving diagnostic reliability and efficiency. Through “Amal” people living even in far off and remote areas of Pakistan can also benefit.

    • In Pakistan alone, more than 40,000 women lose their life to Breast cancer every year. Barriers hampering early detection and diagnosis of the cancer are one of biggest reasons behind this high fatality rate.
    • Amal’s novel method will reduce the diagnosis cost by at least a factor of 3 and the turnaround time from an average of more than 15 days to less than a day.

Disaster Management Information System

InfoMatrix Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan Offers Deployment, Customization, Management & Support Services for Open Source Disaster Management Information System. 

Built upon one of the world’s most popular open-source information management systems for disaster and humanitarian aid management, it can support all phases of the emergency cycle. A high-quality information management system for emergency preparedness, human resource engagement, community & volunteers engagement, task assignment & monitoring for field staff, recovery and resilience-building accessible to all. Main Modules Include Core System, Organizations, Facilities, Activities, Projects, Staff, Volunteers, Relief Goods Assets, Requests, Commitments and Shipments.


    • InfoMatrix Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan Offers Deployment, Customization, Management & Support Services for Open Source Disaster Management Information System.
    • Easy Deployment
    • Customization as per Client Organizational & Operational needs
    • Suited for Disaster Management & Relief Organizations, Search & Rescue Operations Assets Management & Monitoring, Human Resource Availability, Monitoring & Efficient Deployment in Disaster Hit Areas.

      We enable relief & support authorities to efficiently manage and utilize their resources and perform time critical tasks.

Ambit ERP

AMBIT ERP helps companies control their resources with an easy solution that solves insistent issues across the entire business.

With AMBIT ERP, You can manage all aspects of your business with one single, fully integrated solution. It is an end to end ERP solution with real-time updates and implanted features keeping everyone in your company connected at all times. 

AMBIT ERP understands the issues that companies face when running their business, it controls your business in a sophisticated and integrated manner. AMBIT ERP uses the latest technology to handle data that your business generates each day.

AMBIT ERP helps companies effectively manage their resources with an easy solution which seamlessly resolves insistent issues across the entire business.

Upcoming Product

GeoMatrix - GIS Analytics Solution


    • An integrated Application developed for GIS Analytics.
    • Supports Standard & Customised Base Maps
    • Secure, Web-based & on Premises deployment Architecture
    • Multi-Polygon, Multi POIs Layers Support
    • Seamless Data Integration
    • Efficient Rendering


    • Easy Deployment
    • Customization as per Client Needs
    • Suited for Regional Sales, Production, Assets Management & Monitoring, Network Management etc.
    • Post Production Support & Features Enhancements

Our Aim is to enable Clear Visibility to the end-users to make timely and efficient decisions.

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