Message from the CEO, InfoMatrix

Be Wiser, Everywhere, Everyday

Assalam o alekum,

“To be or not to be” that was never the question I had.  My question is “What to be, where to be and when to be”.  And the answer is, “be Wiser, everywhere, everyday”.

My name is Rehan Saeed Basham & I am the CEO of InfoMatrix, Private Limited.  My guiding principle as well as our company’s purpose is “Making People Wiser, Insights Smarter, Data Cleaner, Everywhere, Everyday”. 

The three transformative keywords: ‘Wiser’, ‘Smarter’ and ‘Cleaner’ denote our ethos and characterize our every action and process. The statement also hints at a sequential process which when applied, can lead to people and organizations making data driven wiser and more beneficial decisions turning this world into a better place. 

We are a lean enterprise that specializes in data management, business intelligence, analytics, and artificial intelligence with an Agile mindset.  Our purpose describes the basic process and workflow of our products and services. It starts by gathering raw data from different sources and cleaning, integrating and validating it to increase the accuracy and quality of the data. Then business intelligence, analytics and artificial intelligence is performed on the data to extract smart and actionable insights.  This enables our clients to discover their wisdom hidden in their data and their experiences to take wiser and more profitable decisions ensuring future success for their organizations. 

But sometimes, having the proper knowledge and insights is not enough to take the right decisions. The final and most important step is to transform ourselves to cultivate courage and confidence which will enable us to become wise, to make the morally right choice and act upon it. 

We are here to help with your data management and digital transformation needs.

Please contact us at  We can start this transformative journey as soon as you are ready. 

Thanks for your time. 

Rehan Saeed Basham

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